Business Manager Resume

A business manager resume is an excellent source for potential employers to find information about a person that they may be interested in hiring. Any responsible business can attest to how important it is to make a good impression in this highly competitive industry. Having a good resume means that the person that you’re applying … Read more

Bartender Resume Sample

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Android Developer Resume

The Android developer resume focuses on the skills and abilities that you bring to the table. These include your ability to write code, your technical skills in computer hardware and software. You can also include your experience in programming in more than one language or programming environment. Skills for the job will vary by the … Read more

Work Resume Template

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Warehouse Worker Resume

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Theatre Resume Template

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Technical Writer Resume

  A “technical writer” is a professional who specializes in creating and editing resumes. Although the idea of a resume may seem to be easy to do, many of these professionals still struggle with it. Even though they have spent years studying how to write a resume, there are many details and techniques that they … Read more