Agricultural Worker Job Description

An agricultural worker job description is fairly short in most cases. It consists of the first line of the job description and you may not have a description on top of that. Often it is combined, though it is possible to also make a separate line for each of your departments.

The first line should be something like, “Farm Worker”. This is the line that summarizes the job description. The phrase “We are looking for a farm worker”.

For each department of the job, add a line on the next line that will include the department name. For example, in an animal house job, you might have the line, “Animal House.” Add the department on the next line. In this case, you could put in, “Animal Care.” If you do not have departments that are doing different jobs, just add the department to the last line of the job description.

You will want to put the name of the department first. This is to make it easier for you to remember what that department does. You do not want to have another line or even another word for each department. Doing so would be confusing to your reader.

On the first line of the job description, there should be a space where you can write, “Required Skills: Analytical, Computational, and Problem Solving Skills.” This should go right under the phrase, “We are looking for a farm worker.” Then you should add the phrase, “Job Description: Perform analytical, computational, and problem solving skills. This description should include all the required skills you need for the job.

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Put in the job title of the position you are going to fill out. You may find that the job title is specific and it can cause some problems when filling out the job description. Make sure you include the job title of the position that you want to fill out.

Then go back and continue on the next line. Write down the number of hours that the job will require in total. Usually there is a minimum requirement when filling out a job description.

Finally, if you have one, put in the duration in hours. Most jobs will only require 30 hours. If it does not, tell the person what hours the position requires and write down those numbers.

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