Column Footing Definition

Column footing is a thing that you need to take into consideration when you are considering having a wine barrel wine cellar. The most important thing you can do when building a cellar for your wine barrels is to take the right kind of columns into consideration. Since there are two kinds of wine barrels, you can choose from: wood and metal, the most appropriate thing to use for the inner wall of your wine cellar is wooden columns.

What wooden columns do is they provide the right type of support for your wine barrels. Of course, you should have a good solid wall that keeps out pests, guests, and even your wine barrels. In order to do this, you need to use good wooden columns. Some wood columns are hand cut to be exactly the right size that it will perfectly fit the inner wall of your wine cellar.

When you’re building a wine cellar, a proper place to put in a wooden pillar is just around the middle of the wine cellar. You don’t want to put them too close to the center so that they make it difficult to put things in and out of the wine cellar.

The wooden column is the easiest way to add columns to your wine cellar because it is fairly inexpensive. Also, because you can paint it if you like, it’s a good choice because it is just as attractive as the other types of wood columns you can use. Of course, if you’re using a metal column then it will cost you a little more money but it’s well worth it because it’s hardier and more durable.

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Wooden columns are available in various lengths and with different thicknesses so if you have enough space and you want it to match the design of your wine cellar then you can have it done in any length you want. In fact, if you have a circular wine cellar you can simply put two or three pieces of wood in the center of each side and not worry about running out of space.

Because wooden columns are flexible and easy to assemble and they are also fairly inexpensive, they’re a great choice for doing the outside walls of your wine cellar. A good sized wooden column will go into the inner part of your wine cellar and then you can turn the wood outward and add another one to your outer part. This will allow you to have two layers of wall in your wine cellar.

Another choice for outside columns is using the same type of columns that you would use on your porch or terrace to put in at the ends of the glass window wells. This is also a good idea if you are putting in a covered wine cellar in which the wooden columns will stand out more than the ones that you place in between the rafters.

Overall, your wine cellar is the most important part of your home because this is where you will display your collection. It is the main feature in your home and should be constructed well to withstand the years.



Builder’s Engineer: SHALLOW FOUNDATION Spread Footings: Single

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