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There are many things you can do to improve your customer service resume, but this tip is especially good. While the look of your resume may be important, how it’s written will have far more impact.

Being polite in your letters of recommendation is probably the most important factor. It is your way of saying thank you for their time. You are the link between them and your employer. That means you have the opportunity to help them land a new job or increase their current position.

The next thing you want to include on your helpful customer service resume is if you were ever fired or laid off. This makes you sound like you’re not a person who holds grudges. You want your recruiter to be able to quickly see who is a team player and who doesn’t. If you have to explain that you have been fired and then offer them proof, they won’t take you seriously.

You want to make sure that if they are interviewing you for your current job that you give them an hour or two to show you are a good fit. If you try to rush through an interview because you want it done today, they won’t be impressed with your attitude and will think you’re not worth the trouble.

The final thing you should include on your good customer service resume is if you have ever had any problems with your previous employer. This is the first way you can show that you’re trustworthy. In addition, it shows that you are competent and that you are well organized. Your prospective employer wants to hire someone who is straight forward and keeps things in order.

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So how does one write a great customer service resume? First, be sure that the letter is short, clear and professional. Let them know what the issue was and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

The second part of writing a good customer service resume is to provide references. Give as many as you can so that your recruiter can see if you are reliable and your potential employer can see how you’ve handled tough situations in the past.

A customer service resume is often your first interview for a job that you are applying for. Be polite and sincere when you send your resume. Your recruiter will appreciate the effort and you will get a job interview that you will love.

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