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The examples of biography are many. It might be based on fact, or it could be based on fiction. If it is a fact based biography then the reader should be able to piece together the events that have taken place, and this article will look at some of the more well known examples of biography. However, if the writer is making up a fictional biography then the writer should make sure that their facts are correct, and their descriptions are as accurate as possible.

The most interesting example of biography is that of J.K. Rowling. She has written so many books about her own life, and it is amazing to see how she has become such a success.

J.K. Rowling’s story begins with her being born in Scotland. She attended school at St. Andrews University and was quite typical of her time. At the same time as her schooling she worked as a teacher at a local secondary school and was still very much a student. At the age of fifteen she began writing her first story.

From that point onwards she worked hard and continued to write until she wrote her first novel, which went on to win a prize. Following her success she went on to publish numerous stories, all based on her life and experiences.

While J.K. Rowling is clearly an example of biography, we also need to look at some of the other more well known examples of biography. Some of the more well known examples of biography might include Alexander Graham Bell, Audrey Hepburn, Sir Winston Churchill, and John Lennon. These are just a few of the more well known examples of biography, but they are also ones that are related to some of the famous names on this list.

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One important point to remember when looking at any biography is that the author will not be the best person to decide if a person’s life is true. While you can be assured that the author will be objective, they will not know everything, and will never be able to fully understand the situation of every person.

Therefore it is vital to remember that the examples of biography should not be considered in an authoritative manner. The readers should always feel that the authors are impartial and can offer an impartial view on the person’s life. It is always useful to read the biographies yourself, and to give your own opinion of the situation, or of what you think may have happened in a person’s life.

Even after all this it can be quite an easy task to decide what biography to use. There are so many examples of biography available to choose from, and it can be quite easy to come to a decision based on the best example of a particular biography.

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