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A summary is the first impression that a potential client receives when looking at your business, and the importance of a good summary cannot be underestimated. The best ones are those which are coherent, concise and professional in appearance. So if you want to gain maximum benefits from your summary, it’s important to follow this checklist to ensure that it meets these criteria.

You must start your executive summary by mentioning the title of the first paragraph, giving the reader’s attention to what is being presented. This can be done with two or three bullet points, an on-the-nose summation of the essential information, making it memorable and easy to understand. It should then be followed by a brief description of the main content, again using the headline as a tagline.

What follows after the first paragraph will be a summary of the company’s product or service. This should be written in a short but detailed way, with brief statements about the most relevant elements of the offering. A strong story line is important, though of course the reader is unlikely to remember your company name when reading a summary.

Another important point to remember is that an executive summary template should always contain the company name. If this is not the case, do not waste your time. It would also be wise to have a web address, which can be used as a resource, in addition to the URL of the company website.

Include an eye-catching headline, to draw the attention of the reader, and a few interesting words should follow this. The final paragraph should give a summary of the major benefits of the product or service. This will help the reader decide whether they want to hear more about it, or are satisfied with the summary.

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A key element of any executive summary template is the use of positive and enticing language. All text should be written in a strong and efficient English language. Strong, concrete phrases should be used, followed by powerful words such as, “usable”, “professional”beautiful” to ensure that the reader finds the entire document easy to read.

The style of writing should be plain and uncomplicated, to enable the reader to become familiar with the executive summary template. Spelling, grammar and punctuation rules are to be adhered to strictly. The target readers are the first ones who see the document, so it’s imperative that they are attracted to the document and the executive summary template as a whole.

The ultimate aim of an executive summary template is to obtain as many qualified leads as possible. It’s vitally important that the summary contains a high level of information, without repeating information that was stated previously. The summary should tell the reader about the primary benefits, the benefits of the product, the price and the features of the product, as well as the scope for future growth.

30+ Perfect Executive Summary Examples & Templates ᐅ TemplateLab


Executive summary template

30+ Perfect Executive Summary Examples & Templates ᐅ TemplateLab


PPT Use Case Executive Summary Template PowerPoint Presentation

30+ Perfect Executive Summary Examples & Templates ᐅ TemplateLab

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