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An experienced nurse resume is an opportunity to tell what you have accomplished over the years. There are several things that should be included on a resume as a nurse, including your education, work experience, awards and certifications, etc.

It’s not easy being a nurse in this highly competitive nursing field. The pay is not going to match the job satisfaction or joy that comes with being in this career. You can make more money than you would ever imagine and still not feel like you’re doing something right. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Many of us who are nurses worked in the emergency room, clinics, doctor’s office, psychiatric wards, and even at the school board. This list includes several of the areas that are most likely to get your application through the door. It also shows how diverse the nursing world is.

List all of your communication skills and write down how well you communicate with patients, your patients, their families, and even your supervisors. If you have any awards or certifications that show your strengths, list them. If there are any volunteer or community service awards or certifications, list them. Include the date when the award was received and list your duties for that particular award.

Experienced nurse resumes should include your professional interests, your educational background, your research interests, and an explanation of how you got into this field. Discuss any books that you have read, or you can write about your hobbies. Are you the one in the family who loves to sew? Write about it on your resume.

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Ask yourself if you have done your education online or in person? If so, list your courses or degrees that are on the Internet or at the university. This will show that you have a background in the latest technology and that you have the ability to read and understand this information.

Keep this in mind when you are writing. If you choose a printing service, the font, size, and color are very important. Other things to consider is how long the resume is and how large it is. If it is too small, it won’t look professional, but if it is too large, it will cause the printer to reject it. Remember that if the resume is printed, it can be sent out or accepted immediately.

Finally, personal references are just as important as your educational accomplishments, work experience, and certifications. Send in a couple of letters to people in your life that you consider to be a role model, someone you want to follow, or someone who would advise you to continue with the same plan. Use these letters to show them what you’ve done over the years.

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