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If you need to hide columns in Google Sheets then you need to know how. After reading this article you should be able to learn how to make any column on a sheet in Google Sheets un-visible.

Google Sheets has a standard set of controls that you will be able to use. By default, you can’t hide columns from the sheets. But there is one more trick to do this. You will have to give your own name to that sheet and give it the same name as the original sheet that you want to hide columns from.

You can do this by going to your Google Docs and clicking on the Menu button and then “Enable Custom Coloring”. Make sure that you click “OK” before the prompt box appears. Then go to File -> Make a Copy… and make a copy of the sheet that you want to hide columns from.

Once you’ve done that, you need to create a new JavaScript Code. The code that you use here will go inside the Style shebang to enable the advanced CSS option in Google Sheets and it will enable you to change the style to hide columns from that sheet.

First, you need to give your new column a name and what that name means. You can use a string of the name of the column or use it as a comment inside the code. Once you’re done, save the code and the sheet will then be invisible.

Now go ahead and add a form to the page with the name of the column that you want to hide. You can put a label, the name of the column or any other option in this form. When you’re done, click on the Style tab and select Appearance > Hide Columns from Columns to mark that column as hidden from the sheet. Now when you go to your sheet and search for that column, you won’t be able to see that column anymore. By clicking the word hiding, it will display the word hidden. Now, you can add another column to the sheet and once you’re done, you can remove that column from the sheet again.

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You can easily hide columns in Google Sheets by enabling custom CSS in the Style tab of your sheet. This will allow you to change the style and visibility of any column that you want.

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