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An investment banking resume template is available in many different places, including the Internet. Investing bank managers may have no trouble looking through a few to get the basics.

The simplest resume template is probably the no-frills, one-page version with little or no extras. They are not very user friendly, however, and can easily become cluttered. A better investment banking resume template is one that has been crafted from several different sections of a larger document and then rearranged to make use of many of the space-saving tools and formatting options that computers provide.

One of the most important tools that the Internet provides for those seeking a one-page investment banking resume template is the ability to have all the data organized so that it is easily read. Because an investment banker must know all the banks and brokers that he or she is dealing with on a day-to-day basis, such a template can be even more valuable to them as it makes the necessary changes to reflect that information. The way one can use the Internet to create a successful and easy to use investment banking resume template is to make it a point to fill in the sections in order and to make a plan for how it can best be presented.

For example, do the banker’s past jobs require all of the information that they wish to include? If so, find out if they want all of the pertinent information to be included or just the standard information. Is there anything else that could be useful to a potential employer, such as recommendations from colleagues or coworkers? Do they want to include anything about the corporation or organization where the banker worked?

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The Internet also provides banks and employers with the ability to add an author or co-author to the resume. As a form of proof that the writer can be trusted, look for any credentials or certifications that the writer lists under each section. This may mean that they have proof of educational achievements, prior work experience or job experience.

There may be other information that a bank manager or other decision maker will want to include that is not necessarily something that was required when he or she was hired. In addition to the standard information that would appear on a resume, it is also important to remember that employers also want to know how the banker relates to the individuals they deal with on a daily basis. For example, is the banker knowledgeable and approachable?

It should be noted that if you are applying for an investment banking resume template, the last thing you want to do is simply use it to try to impress your interviewer. The kind of work that you do does matter, and the type of experience you bring to the table can determine whether you are selected or not.

As an alternative, be sure to indicate these factors on the resume that you submit to the hiring bank, and then put a small note on it that says “From a former employee.” This will let the person reading the document know that this is your personal opinion of the employee, not an evaluation of his or her work.


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Investment Banking Resume Template & Guide [20 Examples]

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