Landlord Reference Letter

As a landlord you want to be sure that you are sending your landlord reference letter to every single person you can think of. You want to do your research and you want to be sure that everyone has a positive experience with your rental property before you decide to rent it out to anyone else. If you are one of the thousands of landlords who do not get the results they are looking for, you may want to consider this.

The first thing you need to do when you write your landlord reference letter is you need to give your tenants all the information that they will need to make an informed decision about your rental property. Do not make them fill out forms or ask them for information they do not understand or do not care to share. It will only give them a bad impression of you and your rental property and you need to avoid that. You need to focus on getting the information they need from you without being too pushy.

You also need to know how long the tenant has had the unit and you need to be able to tell them when they can move in. You do not want to give them a time frame because you want to be able to be flexible. This will allow them to move when they can move but it is also important to you that they know the general timeframe you have for renting the unit. You can provide them with some items to help them understand the timeline and this will make them feel more comfortable in knowing the timeline. However, if they do not fully understand the timeline you should still include it because they might offer you a different quote based on the knowledge they gain from the estimate.

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They also need to know what types of damages or problems they can expect in their rental property. It is fine to include repairs to look like you are doing it, but make sure that everything you say is true. If something happens to your rental property they will have to deal with it and that will cost you money that you do not want to incur.

You should never write anything about the other parties, whether it is you or someone else in the letter, until the lease has been signed and the tenant has moved in. That is the legal process that you have to go through and you cannot make promises or anything negative about anyone. Once the lease has been signed and the tenant has moved in, then you can make all the arrangements about things that are wrong in the rental property that you would like to talk about.

When you sign the lease, ask the tenant to sign a form stating that he or she understands everything that you have written. This gives you a chance to explain to them about what you know to be legal requirements. Be certain that you are following all laws, including the guidelines set forth by the Better Business Bureau. This will insure that your rental property is legal and that the tenant will be comfortable in renting there.

You should always mention that you will not accept any offers that the tenant makes. Most landlords believe that they can get away with telling the tenant that they cannot take their offer if they do not bring it up on their own. However, you should avoid this and mention that you will accept any offer that the tenant makes and they should sign the document.

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Keep in mind that the more careful you are, the better for you, and if you do not feel comfortable or like you have a good reputation, you need to hire a professional writer to write your letter for you. In addition, you should always send a copy of the letter as well so that you can print out your landlord reference letter and use it when necessary.

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40+ Landlord Reference Letters & Form Samples ᐅ TemplateLab


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40+ Landlord Reference Letters & Form Samples ᐅ TemplateLab

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