Negative And Positive Feedback

How do you get positive and negative feedback? How can you get both? In this article I will explain the power of positive and negative feedback. It will be interesting to note how much impact they have on your daily life.

The first thing that you should know is that both of these feedbacks are good thing. They actually serve the same purpose in making you grow and get better. You can get both negative and positive feedback. For example, when you are working, you will get both. You will get a negative feedback when you don’t get the job done fast enough, and a positive feedback when you do get the job done.

When you go to make a trip, both negative and positive feedback can be given. Positive feedback will give you motivation to carry on with your trip. This way you will be well motivated to finish your trip. The negative feedback would mean that you might miss the chance to complete your trip. It is always better to give yourself a negative feedback than positive one.

There are many things in life that you can give a negative feedback to. If you think of the common problem that you face, then you will probably come up with that problem. It can be a job, school or any other need you have. Your boss, your teacher, your friends, anyone who has got negative feedback can also be considered a source of motivation for you.

Even when your boss gives you a negative feedback, you should still feel positive about it. You will feel bad because you have not been doing a good job, but if you can see the big picture of his feedback, you will have learned something valuable from it. When he gave you the feedback, you were supposed to be doing something that is not working out right. This feedback will then be considered as a successful lesson for you.

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On the other hand, you can also receive positive feedback. The most important aspect of getting positive feedback is to appreciate the person giving you the feedback. Positive feedback can also be done by sending a friendly email to the person. This way you are making the person who sent you the feedback feel very good about themselves.

The most important part of positive feedback is that it is all about building up your confidence. Once you get positive feedback, you will find that you are more confident and self-assured. That is the reason why you will find that you can actually achieve a lot more and reach the goal faster than before.

I hope that you will now know how you can get both positive and negative feedback. You just need to make sure that the person is sincere feedback will make you feel very good. If you have any doubt, just ignore it.


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