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There are many non-profit community service letters that exist for the sole purpose of educating the public about your organization. But did you know there are many programs that do not even have the will or the ability to educate the public. If you find an organization that is a duplicate, try to add the nonprofit feel to it. It’s as simple as that.

Letter writing is a terrific way to go about this. Many people love to submit letters to publications, but how many have heard back from the publication? Those who are consistent in their mailing and marketing are going to make more money and be known for more than just mail.

When you write for publications, you are also serving as an ambassador for the organization and they will want to hear from you about the educational programs that they can offer you. You could even contact their vice president about starting an educational program.

What’s the difference between an educational community service letter and a commercial letter? The difference is in the tone and content. If the tone and content are leaving vague or even insincere, then it’s going to come across as a commercial letter.

A nonprofit community service letter should always be a positive experience. If it’s left too dark, the nonprofit feels it may be too commercial. If you leave too much “you tell me” in the letter, the nonprofit will know it’s too commercial.

For every project, you should be able to show proof of donations made. Donations need to show up as a charge, on your schedule, and have a list of details listed where the donation was requested.

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The IRS has strict rules that exist with those that give little or no tax deductions. This may discourage donors from giving to your nonprofit community service letter if you don’t disclose it in the first place. However, you can be as transparent as possible and they’ll still donate.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you in making a nonprofit community service letter for any group. Do your research, watch for the characteristics and guidelines of the organization, make sure that the tone and content are positive and follow the guidelines to the letter!

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