Occupational Therapy Resume

Occupational therapy resumes should contain all of the necessary information to help the potential employer to make a decision about your educational history and your suitability for a particular position. It is not enough to simply list the areas of training that you have received, or the number of years of experience.

You need to express these different traits to the employer. Include accomplishments and expertise in every category, so that the employer can see your potential. Make sure that you focus on these attributes when you are designing your occupational therapy resume.

It is a good idea to include some information about your work environment. Include whether you work with children, with adults, with elderly people, or with animals. This will give you an idea of how you handle your patients and what kind of atmosphere you create. You should also list any experiences that give insight into your abilities.

Be as detailed as possible on your skills. Of course you will need to list any specific skills that you possess. But be sure to list more than the bare minimum.

Write down all of your abilities in bullet points. For example, describe your knowledge of this type of therapy, the areas in which you are best suited, the tasks that you perform, and any other qualities that you would be proud to exhibit. On each point, give specific examples of these things so that the employer can see that you are a versatile individual who has experience.

List any certifications that you might have that are related to this type of field. You will need to have some sort of certification in order to provide quality care for the people that you treat. But don’t go overboard and list everything that you have ever done.

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There are clinical areas in your work that you should include. If you are performing some sort of manipulation therapy for a person with muscular dystrophy, you may want to list it on your occupational therapy resume. If you are caring for an elderly person who has Alzheimer’s disease, you may want to list that information as well. The more specific the needs of the patient are, the better chance you have of providing effective care.

In short, you need to remember that your occupational therapy resume should include more than just your qualifications and educational background. You should list the skills that you have that will provide you with the advantage that you will have when you are working with these people.

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