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The role of an office administrator varies from one office to another. In fact, this job description might be quite similar for each office. This job description would involve handling administrative tasks and the responsibilities to function as an organization’s manager. So, if you have your own job description that you want to put on your resume then you might want to consider adding that onto your resume.

To get a better idea of what is involved in an office administrator’s job description, let us take a look at an example. You are in charge of supervising two receptionists. However, one receptionist has been delegated some administrative tasks by you. Now you will assign a co-worker, also a secretary, to this vacant position.

A such office administrator is entitled to include such task description on their resume. It can provide the information that an applicant has been delegated administrative duties. However, it can also be useful to provide details regarding the responsibilities he has been assigned.

Another example of such type of skills is being an organizer. You will have to organize files and documents at the office so that they do not get lost. When you see an unused file and want to have it go into a specific place, it would be handy to include a few lines about the location where you found the file.

You should not only include the responsibilities you have but how to you have managed to attain these tasks. For example, if you have been responsible for organizing files, it would be wise to include details like what types of file formats were used and how they were handled. This can further help your resume to be reviewed properly by your interviewer.

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If your employer asks you about the responsibilities you have had in your previous positions, then include these on your office administrator resume. This is because employers would like to know about your personal experiences which would prove helpful in the interviews.

If you have managed finances for your business, then you need to include such information on your resume. It is also useful to include the projects and activities that you have undertaken to manage finances. In addition, if you are capable of writing or editing, you can mention this on your resume.

Finally, an office administrator is expected to know all about computers. It would be useful to mention what you are going to use when an interviewer asks you about your expertise in computers.

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