Private Tutor Resume

A private tutor resume will enable you to convey the essential information about your experience and qualifications as a tutor. It will demonstrate that you are the most suitable candidate for the tutoring position.

There are four main sections that will help your tutor resume communicate your individual educational requirements. These sections are:

The first main sections will relate to the employer’s requirements. This section will specify the skills, experiences and qualifications that you will need to teach. You should provide an indication of the subjects that you have experience in teaching. Your tutor resume will also state whether you have taught any tutoring courses such as ESL or EFL. Your tutor resume should be consistent with what you have previously held within your previous position and previous school.

The second section will list all the certifications that you hold, whether this is for teachers, health professionals or students; you should provide evidence that you have these qualifications. These include a Teacher Qualification from the British Council or Teaching Qualifications. You should provide a copy of these qualifications, a current certificate for each, and your Bachelor’s of Education from the University of Cambridge.

The third section will outline your general experience. It is a good idea to list your particular experience including what types of tutoring you have delivered for each school. In the case of qualified tutors you should include details of which schools you have delivered your tutoring for. This section should include details such as dates of teaching, locations, special events or tutoring for government bodies.

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The next section will list your qualifications as part of your application to a full time position. These qualifications should include your qualifications for private tutors as well as regular qualifications for non-teaching roles. It is a good idea to list all the relevant qualifications as this will assist the Tutor Recruitment Centre with your application and help you get shortlisted.

The fourth section will detail your responsibilities for each school. This will detail the duties that you would have for each school, for example how many hours per week, if any, you would be expected to tutor. You should also include details of any other duties that you will be required to undertake as part of your role.

The quality of your tutor resume will be determined by the first section of the application and your tutor CV. It is a good idea to read your tutor CV as a guideline to your tutor resume and make sure that it provides a detailed picture of your experience. Your tutor resume will also need to include your academic qualifications and local authority information.

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