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Sugar Grove Nature Center

Sugar Grove Nature Center is a world-class facility that offers a wide range of programs for the entire family. This is the center’s very own private or community center with all the features and amenities that an urban city could ever hope for. The Center is located on 170 acres of rolling hills of wooded area, trees and pine trees and a huge lake surrounded by wild and beautiful scenery. Also, Sugar Grove Nature Center has two miles of pristine beaches on the north and south side of the lake.

The Centre offers lots of activities for the children and adults alike and there are also a variety of programs for parents to choose from as well. The school was founded in 1964 with the opening of the first building. In that year it was just a few tables with no electricity or running water. Soon enough there were thousands of children, many who went on to become teachers or counselors and most of them were the children of those who founded the school.

When you visit the Center you will be able to participate in one of the many programs offered for both the adults and the children of the Center. First, you can take one of the Nature walks that are available in the park or while you are out camping. The nature center has guided nature walks that are designed to educate you on the natural wildlife that live within the center. You will have plenty of information to share with the children and even get some treats for your effort as you go along.

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You may have seen these walking tours done at other places, but the Sugar Grove Nature Center has made this a special activity for many years. These are led by volunteer nature experts and it gives the children lots of hands on experience. You might be able to get some of these guided walks with your children when they visit the Nature Center. They will get a chance to find something new and exciting for themselves. You can also go on some of the nature walks that are available for adults and enjoy the company of the children.

There are also several on-site programs at the Sugar Grove Nature Center that you can get involved in. One of these is the Nature Camp program which can be incorporated into your plans if you’re planning a trip with your children to the Center. This program is designed for those who want to take the children to have fun during their free time outside of school. You can learn how to create campsites and make your own picnic for your children, but you can also learn how to do many other things to make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

Another one of the wonderful things at the Nature Center is the swimming program. You can join the exciting Aquatic Program where you can swim, fish and spend a lot of time just being kids. There are also several other programs such as the Children’s Pool Program where you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work at the Center.

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The local state park is right next door to the Sugar Grove Nature Center and the Center is just a five minute drive away. You can take part in the trails that are close by and enjoy the scenery that is close to your very own home. Being near your own home means you can have lots of fun just being yourself.

Sugar Grove Nature Center offers so much more than the rest of the community offers. You can bring your family and friends and have plenty of fun at your very own home. This is why the Center is one of the best destinations for your children to take part in after school programs, after school sports, weekend getaways and summer camps.

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Sugar Grove Nature Center, McLean, Illinois


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Sugar Grove Nature Center Bloomington Normal, Illinois

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Sugar Grove Nature Center Endowment Illinois Prairie Community


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Road Trip: Sugar Grove Nature Center

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