What to Look for in Curriculum Vitae Samples

Using a Curriculum Vitae Sample to Its Best Advantage Curriculum vitae samples can come in very, very handy. You need all the help you can get in this job market, and a well crafted CV may be just the ticket. After all, a lot of us may not know what this document even is. Until quite recently, all … Read more

College Resume for Education Hiring

To write CV documents mean to present your overall profile together with your capabilities. This is somehow very evident when you want to write a college resume for your project. But even if you will consider such a resume to be a practice task, you can already submit the file to wherever you wish to work for. Let us give … Read more

CV Tips

We all know that a good resume always stand out and makes it possible for the applicant to increase his chances of getting hired. However, not all of us are really knowledgeable on how to make a good resume that will help us in our job seeking task. Now, if you are looking for those CV tips that you … Read more

Making Your Marketing Resume Work

Marketing Resumes Made Easy   Your humble author recently had the opportunity to write a marketing resume for a friend. Finding a job in the marketing industry or even finding something that simply involves marketing can be very lucrative, but you have to sell yourself just as much as you intend to sell the products or services … Read more