Taste Of Tippecanoe

Why Tippecanoe has a taste of Tippecanoe? They are better. Why are they better?

It’s called Tippecanoe for a reason. It’s that they’re the best. When someone says, “Are they any good?” Or, “What’s in them,” it usually means something like, “Are they the best tobacco out there?”

When I say best, I’m not talking about all tobaccos, but it depends on what you mean by best. If you want the best, then yes, they are the best. Some don’t think so. But, they can’t put a price on taste.

Tippecanoe is known for its thick and flavorful smoke. That’s why they are often referred to as pipe tobacco, just like cigars are known for their taste alone.

Tobacco that is cured in Pennsylvania with some of the finest ingredients is what Tippecanoe uses. They also use special cedar that’s been gently burned to get that special flavor. Plus, they don’t use artificial additives.

Tippecanoe is made for you to have a taste of Tippecanoe, just like a fine wine has taste. Those that enjoy wine should have a taste of Tippecanoe as well. It’s also available in the form of various brands, so you don’t need to buy the exact same brand.

You also get to enjoy a unique handmade blend of tobaccos. It is the blend of your choice. Try different brands and flavors to find out what you prefer.

Different brands come in different sizes and weights, so if you’re worried about running out of the lighter type, worry no more. Since each blend is different, this will give you a chance to find the perfect one for you.

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TASTE of Tippecanoe


Spotlight on Taste of Tippecanoe The Romanski Group

taste of tippecanoe TASTE of Tippecanoe


TASTE of Tippecanoe in Lafayette West Lafayette, Indiana

Spotlight on Taste of Tippecanoe The Romanski Group

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