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The tour guide resume is the essential item you need to have when applying for a tour guide job. You should be able to bring the best elements of your skills, experiences and passion in your resume.

The very first thing that you must look for in a tour guide resume is an overview of the duties and responsibilities of the tour guide. It should also contain details about the name of the company where you have applied. The map should include the address, the number of the building, the location of the bus stop and other important information. The description of the land should be brief but detailed enough to give the reader a sense of the area and the perspective on the land.

Describe your experience in an emotional and personal way. Do not over describe or ramble on in an over long description. You can include the details like the purpose of going on the tour, the particular attraction, details about the guides, which have affected your feelings towards the tour, your impression of the map, and the number of persons who have visited this area so far.

Describe your knowledge in an objective and analytical way. It must include the names of the places that you have visited, the activities you have participated in and the food you have enjoyed on the trip. Make sure to highlight the important points of interest.

The tour guide resume must focus on the benefit you would get from the tour guide job. You must specify the number of guests who have visited your venue, the number of persons who have been excited by the food, the number of visitors who have enjoyed the services provided by you, the number of new customers you have and the number of persons who have converted your first-time clients into repeat clients. Write down all the relevant data in your tour guide resume and save it for future reference.

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You must be aware of the things that you should avoid while writing the tour guide resume. You can mention the dates that you took the job and the dates when you were offered the job. This will help your prospective employer to know if you were having problems in completing the required number of hours as per the requirement of the tour.

You must mention your work experience on the tour guide resume. You can include your names as tour guide and the names of any previous tours that you have taken. Be sure to spell the names correctly and be careful about the punctuation. You can also include details about the dates on which you were the tour guide.

You must be wary about changing the content of your tour guide resume after you have submitted it. However, you can edit the resume with the aid of a spell checker or grammar checker. However, you must try and keep your tour guide resume in sync with the latest trends and styles in the industry.

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