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If you want to make a great resume that showcases your abilities as an unarmed security guard, then you need to make sure that your content is what you need it to be. Just because you are good at the job does not mean that your potential employer will be impressed by a gun-toting, blue collar worker.

You should not try to over describe yourself or try to make it sound like you’re some kind of police officer. Even though armed guards are everywhere in public places like schools and shopping malls that does not mean that you need to exaggerate. Tell them about your unique experiences but avoid getting too into detail about your training and achievements.

Remember that you need to build your security guard resume from the ground up to showcase your skills and your ability to provide excellent customer service. As well, you don’t want your potential employer to miss out on a top notch resume that has a lot of potential to increase your chances of securing the job interview.

To build your unarmed security guard resume you need to have a detailed description of the requirements that you’re able to meet. What does your most recent job look like? What are the most recent assignments that you’ve taken on?

Remember that you should emphasize your strong points first and build upon them from there. You’ll find that it is much easier to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd if you begin with your strengths and work your way to your weaknesses. If you do this correctly then you will be able to show that you’re skilled at handling security threats.

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While building a resume for an unarmed security guard, you want to be careful not to use too many flashy or impressive skills. You should highlight your core skills that you offer. You don’t want to over do it when it comes to giving your potential employer a description of your skills and capabilities.

You want to provide your potential employer with a resume that contains all of the information necessary to secure the job interview. For one thing you need to have an accurate description of your age, experience and any specializations that you may have in your job. It would also be a good idea to add your state certification to your resume and other important contact information.

Building a great resume for your unarmed security guard career will take some work. When you take the time to create a more detailed and impressive armed guard resume that highlights your specific talents you will be much more likely to get noticed by your potential employer. Good luck!

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