Weird Things On Google Maps

Weird things on Google Maps can often be found. Unfortunately, many people will not want to look for them on their own. So here is how you find many of these hidden locations with your own eyes!

To start, download and use your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. These are the two best browsers available for this purpose. FireFox is especially useful for its plugin system that allows you to add objects to the map.

Now download and install the Google Maps Plugin. This is a small program that is found in your “Plugins” menu. You can also install it manually. Once installed, simply go to any site on the internet, and copy the address of any weird place you see on Google Maps.

For example, if you saw a strange place on Google Maps, and you are unsure if it is actually there, just type in the address of the place. Once you have copied the address, save it into a text file, and then open the text file in a word processor or a computer that has an .rtf extension.

Write down the strange words that are used to address a place. Some of these words might include “sick”, “dead”, “virus”, “dirt”, “scab”, “slang”, and so on. Once you have written down the strange words, save them into a separate text file.

The next step is to export all of the strange words into a single text file. By doing this, you will save yourself from having to click “read” each time you want to look at another location on Google Maps.

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To get to the location of the weird location, click onthe strange word in the text file. Or if you saved it in another file, click on the “view” tab on your browser to make sure that the weird word is saved as a plain text file. You can then import the text file into your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser and open it up in any text editor.

Now you can look through the text file and check out all of the strange places that Google Maps has stored for you. As you search for each one, you will soon find a lot of them! Don’t worry, because if you do have a spot on Google Maps that you want to see, it will still work.

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