What Is Submission

What is Submission? It’s a combination of two words, she and it. The word “she” would be a penis and the word “it” would be penis in context with the human anatomy. The basic form of this question is – what is penetration?

Penetration is similar to what’s underwear and clothing. When it comes to skin and sex, there are these factors that come into play. A woman is a combination of anatomy, physiology, psychology, personal preferences, and what a man wants. In fact, it can be quite complicated. How about, we just deal with these things and see what’s it?

Physiology – women have androgen hormones which control the sexual responses a woman’s body experiences. We know women have stronger orgasms than men, that is, female orgasms do tend to be stronger and last longer.

Physiology – A woman’s penile size (and clitoral size) can also be related to the amount of testosterone in the male’s body produces. Higher levels of testosterone means a bigger penis. So, when it comes to the penis size, a larger penis makes a woman’s orgasm easier, larger is better and a woman can be satisfied more easily.

Psychology – Woman’s personality and her feelings toward sex are very different from man’s. They also have different sexual preferences. And when it comes to those differences, the biggest difference is in the anatomy of a man and a woman.

Personal Preferences – Woman are more choosy and they like to get aroused by different things. They like the stimulation alone can be sufficient for a woman. However, a man’s control over his orgasms and his capacity to control himself is very important. He can do it, but it’s not easy.

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Sexual Contact – Their desires and likes are very different as well. Sexual contact has to be more direct for a woman to be able to receive oral or anal stimulation. A man on the other hand, can use penetration because it’s more subtle.

I hope you enjoyed this brief lesson on the male sexual anatomy and the common difference between a penis and a vagina. This difference in the anatomy of a man and a woman creates what’s submission, if you ever want to bring it into play.

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