Finding Examples of Good Cover Letters

How an Example of a Good Cover Letter Can Help You   Using well written examples of good cover letters can really give you a leg up when you are writing your own. Because, as we have pointed out many times, the job market is so tight in all parts of the world, you literally cannot afford … Read more

The Key to Cover Letter Writing

How Cover Letter Writing Comes in Handy   Cover letter writing is a detailed and involved process. The letter itself should not be very long but you have to think very hard about what to include and how you are going to present that information. Hiring managers go through tons of letters, resumes, and CVs every … Read more

Building the Best Cover Letter

When you are applying to a job, to a school, to anything, you have to present the best cover letter you possibly can.  Your cover letter is your first chance to make an impression.  In a way, it point blank is your first impression.  It is the first thing interviewers will see, the first thing they will read, and … Read more

How To Write Academic Cover Letter

Academic Cover Letter You absolutely cannot underestimate the importance of an academic cover letter.  Of course, if you have never written one, you might not understand what it is!  That is no problem.  This article will contain all the information you need – the definition, some cover letter tips, places to find some comprehensive help, and some … Read more