Medical Resume Writing

Medical Resume The medical field is related to health checkups, remedies, medicines, operations, and different diagnosis-related functions tackling different sorts of problems arising out of the dysfunctional order of the bodice organs. The onus of helping the patients recover from disease lies on the shoulders of Doctors, Nurses, and Ward Boys. We will tell you … Read more

Military Resume Writing

Military Resume Playing an exceptional role in defending the country, the military has the oldest history in the world. Although the Air Force and Navy forces also play their unique role in the field of defense, the Military which is also recognized as the Army is the largest force requiring the largest number of man-force … Read more

Public Relations Resume Writing

Public Relations Resume All the biggest public and private organizations happen to communicate about new developments, and transitional changes in their products, services, schemes, or planning. This task is performed by such a responsible person who maintains a good relationship with the media sector including electronic media(TV & radio) and print media(Press-Dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies, and … Read more

Sample Sales Resume

Sales Resume A sales resume is associated with the process of accomplishing the sales target. Almost all manufacturing companies set up a chain of marketing of all the produced products so that their products are arranged to reach the customers. For this purpose, they hire hard-working salespersons who persuade people to buy products and services … Read more

Engineer Resume Writing

An engineer resume A combination of science and technology comes to be recognized as Engineering. Designing, Analyzing, Technically expediting, and Devising innovative technologies are covered under this field. Being based on sophisticated technologies several works are covered under the Engineering field, like Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electric Engineering, and Construction Engineering, and different fields are … Read more