Cover Letter for Resume

A good resume does not only provide the details about the applicant but also defines the real capabilities of the job seeker. Usually, employers will only ask for your resume but some of them may even require you to simply provide a cover letter for resume. In this case, you should also be knowledgeable about writing such a … Read more

Administrative Assistant Resume

There are so many positions that job seekers would want to have in order to experience a decent life. But if you are targeting a position related to being an administrative assistant, then you should have an idea what to include in your administrative assistant resume. An administrative assistant resume does not have any differences compared to ordinary resume files intended … Read more

Apple ProMotion Display

What’s Apple ProMotion Display? ProMotion Display, an Apple innovation mainly found on iPad Pro and certain iPhone models like iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, boasts a nifty feature: a super-fast refresh rate, usually at 120Hz. Translation? It refreshes images up to 120 times per second, promising a smoother and snappier user experience, … Read more