3 Tips For Improving Your Executive Assistant Resume

This article will focus on what makes a great executive assistant resume. The tips shared in this article are commonly omitted in many resumes. What to put in the resume to help you highlight your application from other applicants shall be in this article


  • Make sure your level of experience is described properly on the resume. It is difficult to support an executive who leads thousands of employees rather than one who leads ten. So write down a list, add your experience, and make sure you are applying for the right position.


  • An executive assistant needs to be proficient with computers and software programs so make sure you demonstrate this in your resume. Usually to know MS Office is often enough. However, your role may require you to be responsible for accounts receivable and payables, you will need to have solid time with accounting software.
  • Regardless of tech support an executive assistant often needs to be playing the role of a tech support. Make sure you list experience with trouble tickets, and call tech support in your resume.
  • It is very important to include your typing skills; an executive assistant should be able to type proficiently. This skill also supports productivity, as most of your as an executive assistant would involve typing.


  • You should be able to attend to multiple demands successfully; you should be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. A statement showing that should be added to the resume.


  • Should have a great command over a language or more than one as an advantage.
  • Should have incredible communication skills and interpersonal skills. Strong interpersonal skills are vital since executive assistants are required to deal with different people throughout the company at all levels. Present an experience from your past jobs to show an example of this skill in your resume.
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Executive Assistant Resume

In this contemporary era, many people have grown interested in becoming an executive assistant. If you have given thought to working in this career field, now is the time to gain information about key matters such as educational requirements, job outlook, and salary expectations.

Job Overview

Executive assistants are individuals who complete administrative and clerical duties, typically within the office setting. Some of the tasks the executive assistant may complete include:


  • Organizing files
  • Preparing documents
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Offering staff support

Education/Certification Requirements

Although there are no official degree requirements for becoming an executive assistant, it’s a good idea to attain a bachelor’s degree. Because the vocational path for individuals in this field is relatively flexible, the degree can be completed before, during, or after one attains a position as an executive assistant. Remember that while attaining the degree is optional, doing so can make you a more marketable job candidate. Although it is unusual for universities to provide students with 4-year degree programs in a field like office administration, aspiring executive assistants can take courses in numerous relevant fields. Some of them include English, business, computer science, accounting


Just as aspiring executive assistants don’t have to meet any educational requirements to work in the field, certification is not required. Nevertheless, attaining professional certification can empower individuals to improve their skills and knowledge. Once this happens, people often find that they qualify for promotions. If you are interested in sitting for an exam, know that The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) offers the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) credentials. To take either exam, you must hold an associate’s degree with 3 years of work experience or a bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience. Individuals without a degree must have a minimum of 4 years of experience to take the exam.

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Job Outlook

Employment for administrative assistants is expected to grow at a rate of 3% between the years 2014 and 2024. This is slower than the national average for all vocations. Job openings will surface as workers leave the field. Individuals who have work experience, especially experience in spreadsheet creation and word processing, will be the most marketable candidates.

Salary Expectations

The average annual salary for an executive assistant is $36,500. This translates into $17.55 per hour. It’s important to know that annual salaries within this field are not static. Rather, they are subject to change based on several key factors. Some of those factors include education, experience, employer, and location

Executive Assistant Resume Example


TopBoard LLC, Chicago, IL (December 2021 – Present)
Executive Assistant

  • Provide seamless administrative support to the top-level executive and co-founder of the company
  • Proactively manage calendar and daily schedule through a wide base of computer skills by leveraging key relationships with high focus and attention to detail
  • Constantly striving to increase the capacity of this role to allow the executive to be efficient in executing the current goals and strategies
  • Worked with cross departments to create the new onboarding procedure and checklist
  • Utilize the onboarding checklist to confirm each new hire is appropriately set
  • Complete the appropriate team onboarding checklist for each new hire before the start date
  • Represent the executive with trust and professionalism as a key member of the team
  • Prioritize heavy calendaring and ensure that time is spent appropriately each week and aligns with current executive goals
  • Maintain a substantive understanding of priorities and initiatives to help prioritize, manage, and follow through on projects to bring them to completion
  • Build and maintain trusted relationships with senior executives (internally and within the business partner ecosystem) as well as partner and network with other administrative assistants to meet and solve executive needs
  • Manage and coordinate all internal and external speaker presentations for the executive, including editing and formatting presentation decks
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Grounded Industries, Chicago, IL (March 2016 – December 2022)
Executive Assistant

  • Arranged appropriate travel, visas, agendas, necessary contacts, and country information
  • Scheduled Board of Directors meetings and assisted with meeting materials and agendas
  • Maintained and coordinated executive and senior management vacation, day-to-day meetings, and travel schedules
  • Served as a professional representative of the CEO to executive clients, investors, and board members
  • Collaborated with other administrative team members, human resources, and the finance department on special projects and events
  • Provided logistical support to visiting executives in coordination with other Executive Assistants
  • Handled and distributed all incoming and outgoing mail
  • Wrote and distributed meeting minutes to appropriate individuals
  • Created and maintained computer- and paper-based filing and organization systems for records, reports, and documents
  • Investigated issues and problems and drafted responses to urgent requests
  • Approved travel expenses and reimbursement requests
  • Created job descriptions for new hires
  • Coordinated and planned events for the company
  • Ran errands (returns, exchanges, grocery shopping, pick ups and drop offs)


Doortec Architectural Metal & Glass, LLC, Chicago, IL (September 2016 – October 2023)
Executive Assistant

  • Managed CEO’s daily agenda, Meeting coordination
  • Daily management and coordination of busy schedule (80 to 100 projects simultaneously)
  • Regular attended construction meetings, communicated with clients, contractors, vendors, and employees
  • Kept alert of and changed order requests when needed
  • Managed purchasing process for projects (architectural aluminum, hardware, glass, doors, etc


Western State Colorado University
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology with a Minor in Art

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