How to write an Agriculture Resume?

Agriculture Resume

Agriculture is a very important sector in the world. We can not survive without it. Every country on this earth is in some way or another parasite on other richly producing countries for the sake of food grains, vegetables, and milk products provided the production in that state is not possible to be made at such a large scale as to meet the urgent demand of its population. Food grains, fruits, and vegetables can be produced only by inimitable Nature’s indispensable role which meets approximately all human needs by producing foods, clothes, medicines, and habitat as well.

Being a crucial field it deals with cultivation, harvesting, farming, sowing, etc. Earlier cultivation used to be performed only through conventional methods, but in today’s modern world each country in the world has become equipped with sophisticated knowhow and after many stages of research have established separate ministries, departments, and institutes warranting the needs of talented, trained and research-conducting man-force. To fill the vacant posts in this sector what is supposed to remain present in the personality of the candidate is the thing to be mentioned in the agriculture resume of the applicant aspiring to hold a post in the respective sector.

How to write an Agriculture Resume?

As your agriculture resume happens to be like a scanned copy of your caliber, personality, and experience, you should try to present maximum information about yourself within limited words. Each word you use either may adhere the peruser to the resume or deter him from further wasting his time on the resume.

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Be frank and reveal your skills, the training you’ve received, and the work experience, if any, you’ve gained already. Use only white plain ivory paper and write on it with eye-catching fonts. You’ve to use simple words, but not miss anything crucial as far as your experience and knowledge are concerned.

First mention your name, along with address, phone number, and E-mail, then proceed to highlight your details under subheadings like Objective, Summary of personality, Experience, and Education. Be careful that the information furnished by you rather should be point-wise or in bullet form. The language to be used in the agriculture resume needs to be associated with agriculture, that is keywords. Like harvesting, farming, crushing, pesticides, suction kits, thrash, and so on.

Sample Agriculture Resume

Bob John Street
Houston, Texas 77034
(315) 525-5145


Aspire to hold a senior position in Agriculture department to serve with best of my professional efficiency.


  • Diligent and hardworking in yielding desired result in agriculture through proper research.
  • 8 years experience in the agriculture and ranch supervision.
  • Proficient in yielding a bumper crops applying self devised innovative strategies.
  • Extensive knowledge on animal farming, breeding and pesticides.
  • Well disciplined and projects accomplishment-conscious.
  • Capable of convincing the financial institutes and banks to finance the agricultural projects, infrastructure and equipments.

Eon Research Center, New York, 2/2002 – Present.

Farm Officer

  • Apply hi-tech methods to produce the natural manure.
  • Carry on the research to develop high quality breed.
  • Convene fortnightly meetings of agricultural experts to consider pros and cons of the fertilizers and steps to be taken to cure the current bottlenecks in the farming system.
  • Developed a new variety of grams oppugnating its crop circle to the shortest span of 4 months time.
  • Use arable land throughout the year producing different kinds of crops.
  • Devised an artificial method of replenishing the need of sunshine, moisture and air pressing into the services of FGD glasses and fiber.
  • Keep the produce preserved and fresh letting no any external deficiency-causing effect penetrate in.
  • Minimized the use of chemicals.
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Texas Farm, Houston, 2/2000 – 2/2002

Farm Expert

  • Conducted health checkups on animals providing them effective medical facilities.
  • Used different types of machines and tools to treat the diseases and health complications.
  • Created superior breeds of milch cows by a cross-sex technique.
  • Devised an innovative strategy to meet the food requirements of animals like husk.
  • Kept a chain of animal experts to share tests, research and analysis.


  • Graduation in Art stream from Oxford University in 19XX.
  • High School in 19xx from XYZ school.



  • A degree course in Agriculture and Farming.
  • Certification course in Agricultural Research.


  • Awarded by American Agriculture Department for devising the best quality tomato in 19XX
  • Won a medal in the college as athletic champion in sports activities in 19YY


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