4 Ways To Offer A Resume

There are many ways to write a resume that can be effective and can show and highlight all your skills that you are going to bring to a company. Many people do not understand that a resume is the first impression the company that they are applying to is going to have. If your resume is not up to par, you may find yourself putting in resume after resume with no interviews forthcoming. The following 4 ways to offer a resume that is going to impress can mean the difference between getting that hot new career or sitting at home watching soap operas and wishing you have a job.

• Resume Length – It is a fallacy when people say that a resume should be short and concise. There are those who also think that anything more than one page is going to be discounted and too long. The fact is that it does not really matter how long a resume is. You can submit a twenty page resume if you choose as long as it precise and to the point. The best indicator of a good resume is length is one that shows your work history for five years. If this takes three pages, so be it. Many can squeak by with two. This is because you are not just listing your previous employment, but your objective along with education and training.

• Highlight Achievements – Depending on the position you are seeking, you may have achieved some awards for your proficient work ethic or ability. Make sure you include these achievements in your resume. While your work history need only go back five years, you can include any relatable achievements from a longer period of time.

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• Proofread the Resume – It is vital to have a resume that is error free. It does not matter how many times you state you pay attention to detail if your resume is full of errors. How can a company believe you are that precise if your resume is not up to par? It is up to you to sell your resume and having one that is easy to read and free of errors.

• Sell Yourself – Modesty is not going to get an interview when you are competing with people who are really selling themselves. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and to be honest about your skills. If you do not believe in yourself, how can you expect a company to believe in you enough to hire you?

If you follow the four ways to offer a resume that is going to impress, you are going to give yourself a better chance at getting the job you want. It is up to you to sell yourself; no one else is going to do this for you. Start your job search on the right foot by having a really impressive resume and the job offers are going to come rolling in.

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