Academic Counselor Cover Letter

Mary Sasso
3632 Concord Street
Stony Point, NC 28678

Ms. Imogene Nelligan
Human Resources Manager
Grand Canyon University
302 Brannon Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Nov 4, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Academic Counsellor

Dear Ms. Nelligan,

I am applying for the position of Academic Counselor, which was advertised a short while ago. I feel I am the right person for this post as my skills are ideally suited to benefit the general aims of Grand Canyon University.

As Academic Counselor to Grand Canyon University I would bring:

• In excess of 7 years experience in challenging counsellor roles spent advising enrolled and prospective undergraduate students while managing an assortment of projects and programs in a variety of locations.

• Team and individual counseling skills, which include the evaluation of performance and achievement. I exercise a personal and supportive approach to encourage enhanced performance levels.

• An adaptable and flexible nature attained through working in situations of a demanding, mission-critical nature where the overall success of students is the desired outcome.

Strong relationships with students are vitally important, in my opinion, and I am more than capable of achieving this in every case. I believe in a team spirit where everyone is part of an overall team that is stronger than the sum of its constituent parts. This attitude, I feel, will be constructive and positive, and definitely a benefit to Grand Canyon University.

We should therefore meet as soon as possible at which time I will be better able to demonstrate my experience and qualifications, and how they can best make a difference to Grand Canyon University. You may call me at home at (888)-832-2815, or on my cell phone, (888)-832-2815, or you can send an email to me at

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Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Mary Sasso

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