Accountancy Resume Writing Tips

Now that you have read the article on how to prepare your Resume, it’s time to get to work! When you are writing your Accountancy Resume, you can use this ten point tip list as you go through. Keep referring back to this in order to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

1: Start your Resume with your name, address and contact details at the top. It is amazing how many people forget to do this, and without this information, your application is useless.

2: Work hard to create an eye catching and clear objective. Leave out any technical terms and show your passion for the subject, and don’t forget to write this with the job description in mind!

3: Make sure you have done your homework! All good applicants will do some research on the company they are hoping to join – if you sit yourself down in an interview and you don’t know anything about the company you are likely to be laughed out of the office. The same applies with your Accountancy Resume. You need to show throughout your resume that you have a good understanding of the company and show that this is part of your attraction to joining them.

4: Provide a summary. Make sure you create a strong and visual summary of your skills as an accountant. You don’t want this to be a list of every technical term you know, rather a list of short sentences explaining in plain English what your real strengths are in the job.

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5: Read the job description. If you lose sight of the position you are applying for even in a very small way then this will come through in your application. Every time you write anything in your resume you should be asking yourself how that point relates to the position advertised and you should present any points with reference to the job.

6: Show your strengths. There’s no harm in really hammering home your core skills. Don’t worry too much if you are almost repeating yourself at times when it comes to showing off your skills. Just try to word things slightly differently because your main target is to make sure that the reader is absolutely clear as to what you can do.

7: Keep your education section short and sweet. Focus on the education that is relevant to the job – be brief about everything else. Simple!

8: Show your progress. If you have had promotions or pay raises for good work then tell everyone about it! You have to remember to show off because no one will do that for you!

9: Keep things entertaining. Remember that Accountancy isn’t interesting to everyone. Try to inject your application with some personal interests and keep things taught and well written and concise.

10: Edit your work. There is absolutely no excuse for typo’s or grammatical errors in your accountancy resume and if this is an area that you find difficult it is crucial you have someone check over your work for you.

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