Business Systems Analyst Cover Letter

Kenneth Echeverria
4100 Columbia Road
Philadelphia, DE 19103

Billy Boling
LCG Systems
2694 Sunset Drive
Little Rock, AR 72212

Sep 14, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Business Systems Analyst

Dear Mr. Boling,

Thanks so much for your advertisement seeking a Business Systems Analyst for your company, LCG Systems. I know of your company’s outstanding reputation and would love to be a part of its promising future. I am applying today with this cover letter and attached resume.

While working for my present employer, MetroStar Systems, Inc, I have learned much about what is expected of a Business Systems Analyst. I have been working for Adobe Systems Incorporated as a professional Business Systems Analyst for the past eight years, and have much experience in analyzing business models, researching trends in business, beginning and implementing new business campaigns, and organizing new concepts, plans, and strategies for more efficient and profitable business in the company infrastructure. I also have a MBA in Business from Cornell University, and a drive to succeed as both a leader and team player.

I believe that I am a great applicant, as I have everything that you are seeking in a Business Systems Analyst at LCG Systems: professional training, hands on experience, proven track record, and a highly strategic mind. Moreover, I am great in communications and negotiations; and have a very positive demeanor. Thank you for your attention to this cover letter and resume.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Kenneth Echeverria

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