Computer Programming Resume Writing Tips

Having read through the article you should now be feeling a lot more confident about writing your resume. Below you will find a list of ten things that can really help you whilst writing your resume. You can use them as you go, and it might be useful for you to look upon these tips as a checklist for your Computer programming Resume.

  • Don’t forget to mention who you are! Start off with all of your contact details. This should include your full name, your postal address, your telephone number and your e mail address.
  • Start off with an eye catching objective. Don’t just state what sort of position you are looking for – inject this with passion about the subject and talk about your desire to join a great company.
  • Make sure you fully research the company. This is critical for a computer programmer. You need to be fully aware of the sort of work this company carries out in order to be able to produce a resume that makes sense to the direction of their company. Also, your research will shine through in your resume and it will be clear to the reader that you have taken the time to understand what they are trying to achieve.
  • Create a great summary. Most resumes need a summary but for a programmer it is vital. With all of your programming abilities it is important for an employer to be able to see in list format all of your skills so that they can easily understand that you are capable of fulfilling the role.
  • Make sure you understand the role for which you are applying. It’s easy to get carried away and write about what you know, but you need to stay on track. Remember exactly what your prospective employer is looking for and stick to this blueprint throughout the application.
  • Talk yourself up. If you talk passionately about your own talents it will definitely help you. It’s not about being arrogant, it is about showing that you live and breathe the work and you know you are good.
  • Try to keep things succinct. As a programmer you are going to have great deal of information going into your resume so you need to make sure you are to the point at all times. Nobody wants to read pages and pages of information – especially when they see that it could be condensed down to a couple of concise pages of well honed writing.
  • Show the positive path of your career. Try to emphasise any career progression you have enjoyed, and be sure to explain when you have excelled in any of your previous roles.
  • Try to inject your application with some humour. Nothing too over the top, but if you can keep your application light hearted as well as informative, then you will show that you will be an easy person to get along with in the workplace.
  • Edit your work! Don’t waste all of this hard work by handing something in with your name spelled wrong!
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