Deconstructing the Cover Letter

the Cover Letter


Too few people understand the overall importance of a cover letter.  Now, true, we have already discussed the fundamental aspects of the best cover letter, but we really need to discuss the plain facts about the document itself.  Applying for a job is no joke.  It does not matter if you are applying to a fast food joint, a newspaper, a hospital, or a grocery store.  The fact of the matter is, if you are applying for a job, then you need it.  As such, you need to do everything in your power to get it.

cover letter can and will help you to do that.  What it basically does is invite your potential employer to read your resume.  It also lets him or her know why, precisely, you are the best person to fill the position for which you are applying.  When it does its job correctly, then your would be interviewer will want to learn as much as he or she can about you.  Not only will that lead to him or her reading your resume, but it will also be the first big step towards getting you an interview.  If you have ever been turned down for an interview, then you know how monumental actually getting one really is.

You should always include a cover letter when you send in your resume.  That way, the hiring manager’s attention will be focused on your past experience, your background, et cetera – in other words, all the things which prove you are a perfect candidate for the position being filled.

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When you use the proper cover letter format, then you are going to anticipate and answer the types of questions most potential employers and hiring managers ask.  For instance, you will demonstrate that you have all of the appropriate experience, skills, and abilities required by the position.  Furthermore, you are also demonstrating that you are interested in all aspects of the job, that you will have no problem fulfilling the tasks that the position entails.  You will also be proving that you have the right attitude for the job.  Trust, displaying the best attitude is just as important as presenting the best cover letter.

It is never a bad idea to include things that make you look good either.  For example, how are your communication skills?  Do you have a good eye for detail?  Mind, you do not precisely have to say that you have these traits.  You see, simply by being detailed and communicating well in writing – by sending the best cover letter possible, in other words – the hiring manager will actually see that for his or herself.

Your cover letter will also demonstrate how skilled you are with technical writing – provided that you are, of course.  Your grammar should be impeccable, your spelling should be perfect, your syntax and your grasp of the English language as a whole should be absolutely flawless.  This holds true for your resume and your curriculum vitae as well.  After all, if you send a letter full of misspellings and atrocious punctuation, you can rest assured that you are not even going to get your foot in the door.  If you need help, then make sure to scour the internet for some well written cover letter examples; they can be enormously helpful.

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