Do Not Use These Phrases If You Want Be Relevant

Everyone has probably researched resume writing in the past and have utilized the oft used phrases that were relevant at that time. In today’s job market, these phrases are considered outdated and can be the reason you are not called in for that interview you were hoping to get. If your resume was created ten years ago and you are now on the job market again, there are some updates you need to do to your resume besides adding in your latest achievements and work history. You need to update those old outdated phrases in order to become more current and more relevant in today’s workforce.

• The Team Player Phrase – This is probably one of the most over used phrases on resumes. Everyone is a team player and every resume has at least one instance of a person using this phrase. Most commonly, it is found in the cover page and in at least one prior job listing. There are many other ways to convey that you do not have a problem working with other people. Using a phrase such as this: “Can effectively perform tasks as part of a group or on my own” is a much better way to let the company know that you are a “team player”.

• Stating you were the “Go to Person” – OK, so you are the go to person, but what did they come to you with? How often? You are really not conveying anything about your skills except that others came to you. Instead, use this phrase: “Consistently handed projects that were effectively completed within the timeline allowed”. This shows that you were regarded highly enough to be given tasks that you were trusted to deliver on time. You can expand on these tasks or list these tasks when they are relevant to the position you are applying for.

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• People Person – This phrase is redundant because most that are in the workforce are going to be dealing with other people on a daily basis. There are few jobs that do not require some sort of interaction with others. Instead of using this phrase, you can choose a much better one such as: “Have an innate ability to speak with customers and clients to come to an understanding that is mutually beneficial”. This still shows that you have people skills; it just shows that you are also able to handle difficult situations in a positive manner.

These are the most common phrases to avoid in your resume though there may be others that have become redundant. Try looking at your resume and reading it out loud. If you have not updated it in a few years, it may be time to simply rewrite the entire document to make it more current and up to date. By having relevant resume you can be assured that you are going to get a new job. Since the resume is the first impression that you are making on a company, you do not want it to be outdated and irrelevant or the company may find you are outdated and irrelevant and move on to the next candidate.

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