Federal Resume Tips

When applying for a federal job, the approach is often different than writing a resume for another type of job. The federal resume tips found in this article will help you understand the rules and techniques for writing your resume, so that you make the best possible impression on a prospective employer. While there is more detail involved in creating this type of resume, it won’t be an arduous task if your follow the tips outlined below.

Make it easier on yourself: Get your information together before you begin

Before you actually begin writing your federal resume, gather all of your information together. This may include former employment, the positions you have held, education, college transcripts, special accomplishments, honors, awards, degrees and anything else pertaining to the job for which you are applying.

Gather as much specific information as you can, so that you have it easily at your disposal when you begin preparing your resume.

Essential federal resume tips for creating an impressive (and effective) resume

1. Include pertinent information such as a job number if one is listed, along with the title of the job you are applying for. Your name, mailing address and contact information should also be supplied.

2. When listing previous work experience, include all of the details such as position held, supervisor phone number, total hours worked each week, beginning and ending salary and the dates of employment. Include detailed job descriptions that demonstrate what your duties consisted of, as well as the results of your efforts. Highlight specific accomplishments or talents.

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3. Education history should include details as well, such as names of colleges and technical schools you may have attended. List the location of the college or school, along with dates attended and degrees you have obtained. If you have no degrees, list the course work completed along with number of credit hours.

4. Explain your education in detail. While other types of resumes are best left brief, you do not want to take short cuts when writing your federal resume. On this type of resume, education counts to a much bigger degree, so be sure to market yourself well.

5. Include any qualifications that you feel may be even slightly related to the job for which you are applying. In federal jobs, your knowledge and expertise make the difference in whether your resume will be placed high on the list, or in a stack of rejects.

6. Include a training section on your resume, where you will list any special certification or technical licensing you may have.

When writing your federal resume, be descriptive and sell yourself! Federal jobs are in high demand, because they offer a security that many other job markets do not. Present yourself and your qualifications, education and previous work history in a professional, enthusiastic manner.

Use these federal resume tips, and you will find that writing your resume isn’t quite as daunting a task as you feared it may be.

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