Five Tips for Submitting an Email Cover Letter

Applying for jobs has evolved with technology. Many candidates are now submitting job applications using email. Applying the Internet does not eliminate the need for a cover letter. The cover letter acts as a way to introduce the candidate and the facts stated in the resume. A well-written cover letter can help get an applicant’s foot in the door. It can also be a deciding factor in whether a candidate’s application gets read. Here are a few tips for sending a cover letter over email that will help to get the application noticed.

Include the Cover Letter in the Body of the Email

Sending the cover letter as an attachment is a good way to ensure that the cover letter never gets read. When the application is sent, paste the cover letter into the email’s body. Doing this puts the cover letter in a place where it will not be ignored by prospective employers. Most employers will only look at the resume if the cover letter is submitted as a separate attachment. When you submit your application, make sure to include your name and the position you are applying for in the email’s subject area.

Keep the Letter Basic

When writing the cover letter keep the font basic and black. Do not highlight any text or change the background color of the e-mail. Correspondence with potential employers needs to remain professional. Also, do not include any type of text formatting like HTML. The formatted text may appear differently when the employer opens the email. Also, keep all of the paragraphs in the e-mail left-justified. Again, formatting can look different on different email platforms.

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Make Use of Keywords

Some of the employers that allow electronic submissions of applications may have their filters set up in a manner that blocks certain types of electronic correspondence. Include keywords in the resume. The Keywords need to be relevant to the job listing. Try to place the keywords naturally throughout the letter. If the company has a filtering system, the keywords will help the submission get past them.

Properly Format the Cover Letter

Just like with the print version of the cover letter, certain things should be included in the electronic version. There should be a greeting and the paragraphs should have single-line spacing. Include a space between paragraphs. Do not include the address and header that would be included in the physical version of the letter. Begin the email with the salutation. Close the email with an ending salutation and your name. Make sure to include your address, email address, and telephone number after the name.

Convince the Employer that You are the Best Candidate

Emailing the cover letter does not mean that it should not include any information explaining why you are the right person for the job. Talk about your qualifications and show that you are truly interested in the position. Do not include a lot of extra information. Employers receive a lot of resumes and cover letters. They do not have the time to read information that does not demonstrate your qualifications.

Technology has made it possible for job seekers to apply for jobs online. However, do not let the convenient way to apply lessen the importance of a cover letter. Overall, an e-mailed cover letter needs to contain the same information as a physical one. However, there are a few more things to think about when making your submission. Following these tips will help to ensure that you get considered for the position.

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