How to Write a Powerful Cover Letter

How to Write a Powerful Cover Letter

Most people know the value of a great resume but do not understand the impact that a powerful cover letter can have on job applications. It reinforces the main experience and skills of the job applicant and also demonstrates the applicant’s passion for working for the prospective employer and how their skills can benefit the company. Most importantly, it helps make the job applicant stand out from the rest and gives the recruiters an incentive to shortlist the candidate for an interview. The best thing about a cover letter is that anyone can write a powerful one even if they are not that good at composition. Here are some tips on how to write a powerful cover letter.

Know the company 

Before you start writing your cover letter, try to find out as much as you can about your prospective employer. Visit their website and go through industry publications about the company to familiarize yourself. Learn about the company’s history, quarterly earnings, objectives, and expansion plans. When you know something about the organization you are approaching, you can write a much more powerful cover letter that specifically addresses their needs.

Personalize the cover letter

Many job applicants make the mistake of not addressing a particular person in their cover letter. They usually write ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘Dear sir/madam’, but that does not cut it. Generic salutations often make recruiters think that the job applicant does not take enough initiative to find out details of their contact. Most job listings have the name of the contact you have to address in your cover letter. If a listing does not have a name, you can call the company and ask for the name of the contact for the position you are applying.

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Focus on a strong introduction

The opening paragraph should be the most powerful part of a cover letter. In this, you should briefly mention how you got to know about the job opening and why you are applying for it. Avoid using flowery sentences like ‘I love to work in a team’ or ‘I love challenges’. These kinds of openings may appear insincere to some recruiters and add no real value to your cover letter.

Offer something valuable to the company

The cover letter should highlight key elements in your resume that offer value to the company. Expand on the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position you are applying for, and showcase strong examples of the benefits you can offer the company. For instance, if the job opening is for a position in management, talk about how you helped reduce employee turnover in your department by 30 percent during your tenure.

Exude confidence in your cover letter

Your cover letter should close with gratitude for the time and interest of the recruiter and also an outline of your next step. Show a proactive attitude by saying that you will follow up or contact the recruiter. This is a great way to show that you are interested in the job. Do not forget to add your email address, phone number, and other contact details so that the firm can contact you first.

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