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Things to Remember While Writing a Human Resources Resume

If you are an already experienced human resources manager, you must have seen hundreds of resumes every day. You must have also developed the ability of identifying a good resume from a bunch of bad ones. Yet when it comes to designing your own human resources resume you may make the same mistake like your applicants did. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when you draft your resume.

What you should do before applying

Before applying for any HR position do a thorough research on the qualifications required by the organization. Most organizations prefer candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in human resources or human resources management. So don’t forget to specify your qualification in your resume. Your knowledge and skills are two features serving to make you stand out of the rest. So be sure you highlight the positive and necessary skills in your human resources resume.

Three types of resume formats

You might have been aware of three types of  resume formats – chronological, functional, and combination. You must choose a format that highlights your strengths. For example, you should choose the chronological format if your strength lies in your experience. But the functional format is preferred if your work experience is not your strength. Want to know why? Visit to get more professional resume advice and view a collection of resume samples.

Reasons for rejecting candidates

Do you remember rejecting a prospective candidate just because no proper contact information has been provided in the resume? Remember this experience because you may make the same mistake. Always double-check if you have added your contact details at the top or right corner of your resume. Also add your name, address, contact number and e-mail id.

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Being a human resources person, your resume will be expected to showcase the best objectives. Do not write a generalized objective in your resume. Always make it a habit to change the objective depending on the organization and position or level you are applying for.

Demonstrate work history in your resume

Work history is a very important feature to be covered in a human resources resume. The reason is that with extensive experience makes a good human resources executive. In your work history, it is important to mention your employer’s name as well as the city and state where you have worked and also the dates of employment. To make your resume clearer and attractive you can use bullet points or paragraphs marking your job roles and responsibilities in each organization. Mention all your accomplishments very clearly. It make your resume more attractive and presentable if you use numbers to list your accomplishments.

Proofread your human resources resume

Finally get your human resources resume reviewed and edited by someone who can easily spot spelling and grammar errors. You can have quite a considerable experience but you can never be sure that your resume is 100 percent free of errors. You will also be aware of the fact that a resume containing errors will create a very bad impression of you among employers. So why take a known risk? Make sure your resume is error-free before you submit it to a potential employer.

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