Military Resume Writing

Military Resume

Playing an exceptional role in defending the country, the military has the oldest history in the world. Although the Air Force and Navy forces also play their unique role in the field of defense, the Military which is also recognized as the Army is the largest force requiring the largest number of man-force to play their extraordinary role in providing the safest environment to its Nation from any external aggression.

The military consists of Heavy armored vehicles, sophisticated tankers, ground-to-ground missiles, ground-to-air missiles, and ground-to-sea missiles of the highest range capability. Military happens to be round-the-clock ready, perfectly disciplined, and ecstatically devoted towards the national sentiments. It is only the military that can cope with any untoward situation, be it calamity-resulted or caused by to blast, flood, or even epidemic-related, it reaches within no time and controls the situation.

The largest one of all the budgets is sanctioned for it by every country in the World. Very tough training happens to be on the agenda for all of its men from the top to bottom. The best package and excellent services are offered by the military to all the soldiers for their hardest service for their nation.

Several portfolios in the military need to be looked after by the military personnel at their best. Each soldier can not only make an indiscriminate firing on the battlefield but cook a savory dish as well, and it has been made possible only because of exceptional training homely treatment, and a friendly Environment provided by the Military.

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Everyone strives to step into the military service not only for the best package, the highest salary, and 100% scope of Promotion but to serve the nation as well.
We are playing the role of torch bearer to guide you as to how to prepare your resume to get the job in the Military without any pessimism.

Sample Military Resume

Mac Garth, New York.
Phone: 12-90905002


Senior suitable Position in Military.


  • A commandeering ability to keep all the cadets under-disciplined and controlled.
  • Have 4 years experience in the artillery of US army.


US Army, WER, 2/2004 – Present.

  • Logistic Supervisor.
  • Keep all the desired records of arms, tankers, and their distribution and usage.
  • Supervise a team of 50 cadets.
  • Ensure quick dispatch of the armored materials on the order of HQ.
  • Keep in touch with the team by instilling confidence and energy.
  • Report regularly of the status to the chief of army staff.
  • Make all the cadets every day in morning fast walk up to10 kilometers.


  • Bachelor in Arts from SDF college in 2002
  • Training on Military Supervision in 2001.
  • High School in 1998 from ABC school.


  • Extensive Software Skill.
  • Capable in performing all the physical stamina required in Military.

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