Nursing Resume Writing Tips

Now that you have read through the previous section it is time to start putting your nursing resume together. Below you will find a ten point guide to writing your resume which you should use as a checklist whilst you work.

  • Make sure to start your nursing resume off with all of your contact details. You need to list your name, your postal address, your telephone number and your e mail address.
  • Grab the readers’ attention with a strong and striking objective. Get to the point and be passionate!
  • Research the hospital, organization or company to which you are applying. A lot of people don’t put the real time needed into an application. To write a great resume you need to be able to understand both the role for which you are applying and you employer. Learn what you can about the institution through research at the local library or over the internet. Once you know a bit about the organization you wish to join, you will be able to talk about them in a positive light in your application which will undoubtedly aid your application.
  • Be sure to have a summary section. Your summary is a chance for the reader to be able to go through your key strengths without having to dig through your whole resume. Make sure you don’t miss anything here, because this could be the section that your prospective employer focuses their attention on.
  • Make sure you read and understand the job description. Some people dive into their resume without thinking too much about this and it usually ends up being a good general resume, but not one targeted for the position which they are applying for. Keep sight of your target at all times for a highly honed result which will be perfect for the job you are hoping to get.
  • Sing your own praises! No one will do it for you, and the one opportunity you get to really show off your skills is in your resume. Don’t be afraid to really talk yourself up at any opportunity. Nobody will think you are being arrogant, it is understood that you have to do all you can to show that you are the right person for the job.
  • Don’t digress! Stick to the topic at all times and try not to waffle! Keep sections short where you can – it’s not the length of your resume that counts, it is the quality and the amount of information contained within.
  • Explain any promotions. Don’t be afraid to say if you have been promoted in a certain position or if your work has been so good that you have received a pay rise.
  • Try to be entertaining. You need your personality to shine through in your resume so try to inject it with some fun and humour. Nothing too out there, just enough to show that you can mix well and not take life too seriously.
  • Be your own biggest critic. Make sure you edit and edit again and don’t let your resume go out to the employer until you think it is good enough to get you the job!
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