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resume.ioAllow our online resume builder to guide you through the process of creating a professionally designed and formatted resume in three easy steps. With our expert resume builder tool, you have the ability to create a well-designed, easy-to-read, stylish, professional-looking resume at your fingertips. Simply enter your details in the required fields as directed – there’s no need to worry about page margins, font types, or the layout presentation.

  • Create a professionally formatted resume within minutes using our advanced resume builder tool.
  • Expert hints and tips are available throughout to help guide and inspire you.
  • Choose from a variety of industry-recommended templates.
  • Access your resume anytime, anyplace from any computer.
  • All information is saved securely on the website.

Distribute, Publish & Share
Never has it been so easy to make your resume readily available to anyone, anywhere, in the world. Stay one step ahead of the competition by emailing, faxing, or hosting your resume online. Download your resume in a variety of formats and print off hard copies quickly and easily.

  • Choose to download your resume in Word, PDF, RTF, or Open Office.
  • Email or Fax your resume easily and within seconds.
  • Print off as many hard copies of your resume as you wish.
  • Allow anyone, anywhere, in the world to view your resume online.
  • Create your resume webpage in one click.
  • Individually tailor each resume you create to suit the position you are applying for.

Expert Help and Guidance
Our Customer Support Team is available and waiting to assist and advise you every step of the way. With expert advice and assistance, you can create an outstanding resume that highlights your credentials, skills, and accomplishments in a highly effective and convincing manner.

  • Full customer support and advice are available to all members.
  • Helpful hints and tips are posted throughout the website.
  • Expert Technical Support is at your fingertips.
  • An informative FAQ section is available to view throughout the website.
  • Useful Help link that enables you to contact our Support Team directly from the website.
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Professional Resume Layouts
There is no need to worry about organizing your data or formatting your resume – our cleverly designed building tool takes the hassle away. Our templates are designed to “grab the employer’s attention” and to showcase your resume in a concise, organized, informative, neat, and tidy format.

  • Choose from a selection of industry-recommended resume templates.
  • No need to worry about page margins.
  • No need to worry about which font size and style to choose from.
  • Easy to update or amend as circumstances change.
  • A preview link provided so you may check the layout at any time throughout the process.
  • Easy to personalize.

Jobs Search & Job Listings
Our job search engine gives you access to millions of job listings compiled from many sources including leading job boards, online classifieds, and recuitment agencies. Our intelligent system will automatically match jobs to your previous work experience. If these don’t satisfy you simply search for a particular job and browse the search results for your ideal position.

  • Search millions of job listings aggregated from leading websites.
  • We match and alert you to positions you might be interested in.
  • Save time by having all major job listings in one place.
  • All our job-finding services are 100% free – Sign up now at

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