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The Correlation between the Best Resumes and the Best Jobs


Those job applicants who write the best resumes will unquestionably be offered the best jobs. The correlation is direct, simple, and extremely easy to see. The better the resume, the better your chances of getting the job for which you are applying. Presumably, if you are applying for a position in the first place, then you either really need that job or just really want it. Either way, you need to do all that you can to outshine the competition. With the job market so competitive, you have to get a leg up on the other applicants and prove that you are the best possible candidate to fill the position.

Now then, the best resumes are actually dependent on the individual applicants. For instance, the first step involves choosing the proper format, but that really depends on your needs. A chronological resume might suit you better than a functional resume, or you might prefer the combination format. How do you choose? Ideally, the best resume for you depends on what aspects of yourself, your schooling, and your work history that you want to highlight. That in turn really depends on what kind of job you are applying for and what the qualifications are. There are a wealth of resume tips available both on this site and on others which can help you decide which format will be best for you.

Actually, that was a bit of a fib. Here is a free tip for you: even before deciding on the proper format, you need to think about what your resume is really for and what you need to include. For example, are you submitting a college resume or are you applying for an entry level position? Focusing on what your resume is for will also help you choose what format will best exhibit your skills, talents, and experiences.

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Now let’s get down to the meat of the issue – the following information is what a good resume is all about. See, the best resumes contain at least five essential parts. You have to include a very clearly stated job objective; you have to highlight your specific qualifications; you have to clearly present any relevant skills and experience you have; you should include your work history, which should be done chronologically; and, finally, you need to include a list of pertinent education experiences and relevant training. You can also write up a master list containing your work history and your education and training. The things you have done in the past will not change. You have to understand, however, that depending on the format of your resume and the job you are applying for, you may have to take some things off the list when you copy it onto your application for a particular position.

At their heart, the best resumes focus on several things specifically. Resume writing itself should focus on being clean, concise, and as detailed as possible in a limited space. It should also include all the pertinent information it possibly can. No matter what, you need to make yourself look good. Whether you write a college resume or one for an actual position, you have to show yourself in the best light – after all, it will be your first impression.

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