Three Common Resume Formats

So you have decided that it is time to create a resume. Whether you are in the market for a new job or are angling for a promotion a resume highlighting your skills and achievements is something that everyone needs. While it can be frustrating and confusing to write a resume there are some things that will make it easier on you. Understanding the purpose of your resume and the field for r which it will be used makes a big difference in the type of resume you use. There are 3 common resume formats to choose from, any of these 3 is acceptable and the choice of which to use is usually a personal one based on your information.

The Chronological Resume

A chronological resume format is the most common format. A chronological resume begins with your most recent job or educational experience and works backwards. This type of resume is useful when you have a steady work history, when you are simply changing jobs in the same field, when your job titles all show increased levels of position and responsibility, and when applying for jobs where your past job titles meet the potential employers requirements.

For example if you are currently a chef and have worked in the food business all of your life, the chronological resume is the format for you. But if you are currently a Realtor, but began your work history as a waitress, then a chronological resume may not be in your best interest.

The Functional Resume

A functional resume format is basically a highlight reel of your career. The information focuses on your skills and achievements rather than specific places of employment and job titles. This format allows you to “toot your own horn” and display the most impressive facets of your work history. This format is ideal when you are re entering the job market after a period of time, such as if you decided to stay home until your children went to school, or when you are looking for a first job with no real job experience. This is also a great resume format for someone who is a “jack of all trades”, if you’ve changed professions often.

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The Combination Resume

A combination resume format is when you use the best of each of the other formats to create a while new resume. This format allows you to present a grouping of your relevant skills followed by employment history to provide a well rounded look into your professional life, experience, achievements, skills, and education. The combination resume is ideal when you wish to expound on your skills gained from numerous jobs, you’ve worked as a contractor or freelancer and have met goals in your career without being tied to a specific field. Because of the amount of information being included it is easy for a combination resume format to become too detailed and involved. Remember that the key to successful resume writing is to be organized and succinct.

No matter which resume format you choose always follow the basic premise that a resume is a potential employers first real impression of you as an employee and you want to interest them enough with your resume that they want to interview you because they believe you have something to offer to their company.

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