Watu karung: Raja Ampat of East Java

Watu karung: Raja Ampat of East Java Hey, ever heard of Watu Karung Beach in Pacitan? It’s the golden nugget, a diamond in East Java’s beach crown. Imagine this: vast, stunning, and utterly breathtaking coral formations – giving Raja Ampat a run for its money.

Yup, it’s the “Raja Ampat of East Java,” no kidding! Crystal-clear waters and miles of pristine sandy shoreline. But wait, it’s not just about the Instagram-worthy backdrop. No way. It’s a SURFING haven! The waves here are like giants, hitting up to 4 meters. Surfers from all corners of the globe flock here for the ultimate challenge.

And hold up, it’s not just for the pros. You can enjoy the beach vibe by swimming, frolicking in the sand, or snapping Insta-worthy pics against the jaw-dropping coral rocks.

But what’s a beach day without some coconut water? Picture this: you, the waves, and a refreshing swig of young coconut water, straight from the local beach stalls. Hungry? No worries! Snacks and local meals are at your service, enhancing your beach adventure.

Here’s the catch: Watu Karung Beach isn’t in the city center. You’ll need wheels, and it’s a good 1.5-hour drive. But, hey, it’s worth it! Oh, and guess what? Entry is a steal at just Rp 5,000 per person.

And no stress about staying overnight! Tons of budget-friendly accommodations line the beach, so camping gear? Not a concern. You can dive headfirst into this beach haven and make it your home for the night.

So, pack your bags and hit the road to Watu Karung Beach. The waves, the sun, the sand – it’s waiting for you!

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