Academic Cover Letter

Joshua Hang
298 Logan Lane
Northglenn, CO 80221

Thelma Adams
Arkansas State University
1151 Bird Street
Reserve, NM 87830

July 4, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Academic Counselor

Dear Mrs. Adams,

I would like apply today for your exciting Academic Counselor position at Arkansas State University. I would make a great fit for this role for a number of reasons, to be discussed in the attached resume and also, in that of this cover letter.

To be brief, I have been employed for the last seven years at California Institute of Technology in the Academic Counseling Department for English Major Students; and have had a number of key responsibilities that has enriched my career to include: facilitating curriculum planning, discussion, and fielding questions about career development for hundreds of students per year. I also work to put these students in touch with all available resources both on campus and in the community towards their prospective career goals, taking each student not as a number, but as a hope for the future. I find my role in education very fulfilling, and wish to bring this dedication to it to your department at Arkansas State University. I have a Master’s Degree in English, and great communication and organizational skills to offer.

I know I would be of great value to your department and your students. For this reason, please see this cover letter and resume as the first step in hiring me.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Joshua Hang

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