Bartender Resume Tips

You might assume that obtaining work as a bartender is easy, but that isn’t often the case. You need an impressive resume; if you don’t have one or need help writing it, the bartender resume tips in this article will help. Getting hired as a bartender requires more than reading a book on how to mix drinks and attending a bartending course.

Bartending isn’t as easy as it looks

If you have little to no experience bartending, you may believe it is a mindless job that doesn’t require much. The fact is, bartending is a job that can be stressful, particularly at times when the restaurant or bar is packed with people who not only want a drink, they want your attention in many instances. This job also demands an individual with personality and good people skills.

Bartender resume tips

It is essential that you create a resume if you are truly interested in landing the job. Below are a few bartender resume tips that will help make quick work out of creating this document.

1. At the top of your resume, begin be including your name, address and contact information such as telephone and email address.

2. Organize your information in an orderly manner. You need sections beginning with an “objective” area. This will be followed by your qualifications, professional experience, employment history and education and training.

3. Your objective should include the job you are seeking, and why you want the job. Relate this information to the particular job you are applying for.

4. In your qualifications, include those talents and skills that make you a good candidate for the job – emphasize your strong points. This may include your years of experience working in the hospitality industry, your extensive knowledge in mixing drinks, your experience in recognizing and handling intoxicated patrons, or your ability to keep a handle on supplies so that the necessary ingredients are always on hand.

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5. Next, you will list any professional experience related to the bartending field. Begin with your most current employer, listing the name and location (city, state) of the employer followed by years worked. Explain your duties and responsibilities in each position in a way that relates your skills to the job you are applying for.

6. Finally, include education information. This should include high school and colleges you have attended, along with any degrees, honors or achievements you were awarded. Include any special training you have in CPR, hospitality services, mixing drinks, etc.

In the qualifications and previous employment sections of your resume, list your accomplishments, skills and other talents in the form of a bulleted list.

Write your bartender resume in a way that displays enthusiasm and desire for the job, using action verbs where possible. Proofread your work several times, and replace sentences that sound mundane or boring with those that add a bit more excitement.

Use these bartender resume tips to perk up your resume and get noticed!

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