Graphic Designer Resume Tips

Graphic Designer Resume

1) Read the job advertisement closely. Make notes of specific computer programs, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, that are listed. Use these notes as you add the technical details to your resume. Are there matches between the job’s list of computer programs and your experience? List them in the same order, using the same language, as the job advertisement.

If you have experience with computer software or hardware not listed for the job, figure out how it equates with what they are looking for and use that on your resume. For example, you might list “Extensive experience in Xara Designer Pro 7 (similar to Adobe Creative Suite).” This is important because the first person who reviews your resume may work in human resources and not be familiar with all the software and hardware equivalents.

2) Read the job advertisement closely again, this time for responsibilities that match your experience. Then, just as you did with the technical details, structure your resume to highlight those responsibilities you’ve handled that are similar to what the job advertisement lists.

3) Keep your resume streamlined wherever possible. Remember that your total package for a graphic designer job application will also include a portfolio. The portfolio should be the centerpiece of your application. Meanwhile, it is the role of the resume to guide the potential employer to see how you are a good fit for this job.

4) List any awards you’ve received that are related to art, design, or project organization. Include awards even if it was for a project that was done by a team. During the interview, you can highlight that not only has your work received awards, you have demonstrated the ability to work as part of a team.

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5) Proof your resume. Then proof it again. Then have someone else proof it too. Just as it would be unacceptable for you to design a piece for your employer that had a misspelling, it is a deal-breaker to have any errors on your resume. Imagine someone sifting through hundreds of resumes, looking for any reason to weed one out. A typo is just that reason.

Investing time in your resume is worth the effort. Soon the steps of tailoring your skills and experience will become routine each time you send out a resume. This attention to detail will pay off by getting you to interviews and helping you land a satisfying job.

A graphic designer creates various materials using either computer software or by hand. Examples of what they create are logos, brochures, signs, labels, stationery, websites, direct mail, and ad campaigns, both print and electronic. Responsibilities include designing, laying out, writing copy, and preparing for print.

In a large organization, a graphic designer may work with a staff photographer, marketing staff, and a project manager. If working for a small organization, a graphic designer may have all or some of those roles as well. A graphic designer typically has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or art and is knowledgeable about computer design programs. The ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure is expected for graphic designers.

Graphic Designer Resume Experienced

Amadeus North America, Miami, FL (November 2008 to May 2014)
Graphic Designer

  • Participated in marketing web project teams as a designer/developer.
  • Acted as liaison between technology and marketing to ensure technology delivered was in line with marketing strategies and needs.
  • Assisted in the implementation and maintenance of database systems and support of electronic marketing activities.
  • Developed, designed, and supervised the production of complex print and online or electronic graphic design projects (including collateral, sales tools, demos, web pages, and materials for trade shows/ events).
  • Designed and developed web user interfaces to support electronic marketing activities.
  • Applied established corporate branding specifications to ensure work met corporate guidelines.
  • Created and implemented style sheets and color specifications as needed.
  • Contributed to the development and standardization of design and style elements that reinforced the company’s image and global guidelines
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Brastile Inc, North Miami, FL (November 2005 to November 2008)
Graphic Designer

  • Managed email marketing list and email campaigns
  • Updated company website and maintenance
  • Created new website/e-commerce sites.
  • Took photos of products and maintained an image gallery.
  • Helped with IT solutions i.e. wireless set-up and network connections
  • Created social media accounts and managed them

Independent Web, Miramar, FL (August 2003 to July 2005)
Graphic Designer

  • Provided web and graphic design services to local and international small and mid-size businesses.
  • Helped develop strategic creative solutions to enhance client’s marketing efforts.
  • Educated and provided direction in the design of marketing materials including web site.
  • Created Search Engine Optimization.
  • We created brand identity programs.

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