Basic Cover Letter Format

A resume is an important document that will pave the way for you to get a decent job. This file can be your passport to get that dream job that you have been rooting for. But aside from the resume, there is also another material that can help you maintain a good impression to the company that you want to work with, this is the cover letter. I’ve heard of a cover letter before but what is the correct cover letter format?

There only three major parts that you need to consider in a cover letter format.

1.    The purpose of writing–you can actually occupy the very first paragraph of your cover letter with the details of why you have sent a letter to the company. Your main purpose is of course to get a job but it is also a good way to introduce yourself in this segment of the letter. Your objective must be clear and that you can impose a good direction of your career if ever you will get hired.
2.    Your offer–Most job seekers fail to realize that the hiring procedure is a two way communication objective. Of course as a potential employee, you are gearing towards getting the benefits of having a work, salaries, health care benefits and stable financial life. However, companies would also want to know what they can gain from hiring a person. Therefore, the second paragraph of a cover letter format should be everything about the things that you can contribute to the company. You must provide all the details of your capabilities, your work experiences, education background and your overall intention on how the company might benefit from your service.
3.    Following up and Appreciation–The last paragraph of the cover letter format may be used as a thank you segment. You may also put the information on how you would like to follow up for your application. You can indicate at the last part of the segment all your contact details on how the organization can reach you should you be qualified for an interview.

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How to write a resume is rather simple. But composing a cover letter is a more challenging task since it is your personality that will be reflected in it. The provided cover letter format guideline should be enough for you to compose a well written cover letter. But if you need more info, you can always come back to this website and read more articles about resume and cover letter structuring.

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