Making Your Marketing Resume Work

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Your humble author recently had the opportunity to write a marketing resume for a friend. Finding a job in the marketing industry or even finding something that simply involves marketing can be very lucrative, but you have to sell yourself just as much as you intend to sell the products or services required by the company for whom you want to work.

As clearly implied by the term itself, a marketing resume is specifically tailored to a company or position which will require you to promote sales.  Sales managers, restaurant workers, even regional make up artists who work at the Chanel counter or the MAC counter in a high end department store have all got to know how to push their products.  That is the essence of marketing and that is why it is so important to make yourself and your skills shine when you are writing up your resume, CV, and cover letter for a position geared towards marketing.

You may be thinking that there are few ways to tailor your marketing resume but that is not the case at all.   Even if you not have had a job specifically geared towards marketing, then thinking about this: have you had a job in the customer service industry?  Have you had a job wherein you have had lots of interaction with the customers?  If so, then you need to play that up on your resume. Now, naturally, you can only do so much, since it can only be one to two pages and the shorter the better.  However, in providing the details you are allowed to provide about the jobs you have held such far, you are afforded with the opportunity to sell yourself well.

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Then, of course, you will have plenty of opportunity to add to that when you write up a marketing driven CV, or curriculum vitae. Here, you will be able to include more information than you can put on your resume. You can thoroughly detail all of your experience, all of your skills, and all of your qualifications.  Tailor it specifically towards marketing, towards your ability to deal with customers, and towards your ability to drive sales, put together promotions, and things of that nature.

This is going to tie in to your cover letter as well.  It needs to be tailored to the job to which you are applying, it should not be a blanket letter that you send out to every single job and position.  In this way, you can tailor it as well, which can be extremely beneficial.  What you want to do is take the time to tie in the skills you have garnered throughout your job experience and then show how you can bring those skills to the position to which you are applying.

As you can plainly see, when it comes to a marketing resume, you need more than just that.  Your resume, your curriculum vitae, and your cover letter all need to be geared towards the marketing industry.  By doing that, you can make the whole process of job hunting go much more successfully.

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