How To Write A Customer Service Resume

In this modern age customer service has become more important than ever. Working in Customer service requires you to be polite, patient, have good attention to detail and be able to work under pressure and still keep your cool. These are traits that you should be able to convey through the writing of your resume. This article aims to inform you of several ways in which to improve your resume, and make sure that you give yourself the best possible chance of success with your job application.

You should start off with an objective which will aim to explain what sort of position you are looking for. Ostensibly, this is the only purpose of your objective, but you can use it to tell your prospective employer much more about yourself. If you do some research on the position and you read the job description carefully you can make sure that your objective shows you to be looking for a position which is identical to the position they are looking for. You can also use your objective to show your passion for your position, by explaining that you want to work for a company which takes its customer service seriously. Also, by taking the time to research the job role you are already demonstrating your ability to pay attention to detail.

The next section of your Resume should focus on your professional experience. This section should start off with your most recent or current position and move backwards over time from there. Try to give plenty of information about your most recent positions by explaining your duties, and highlighting good examples of customer service. You should also mention any internal promotions you received during your employment at these previous posts, which will show clearly that you have been well valued by past employers. Make sure you don’t give too much information about positions you have held which are not relevant to the post for which you are applying. This will be wasted space and it is enough to state when and where you worked.

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Your final section of your Customer service resume should focus on your education and qualifications. Start off by talking about any qualifications or training courses that you have undertaken during your career. This will serve to highlight your dedication to your career. You should expand on each of these qualifications, explaining why you undertook the training, and how you believed it would benefit your work. After this you can move onto your formal education. In this section you should work back from your most recent pre-career education working your way back to your High School grades. Again, you should try to expand on your recent and relevant qualifications, breaking them down into their modular form and explaining both why you undertook these qualifications and what areas you feel you are particularly strong in. For your High School grades you should just list grades and the dates they were taken.

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